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Team Earns Site Director’s Spot Award for Safety

PIKE COUNTY, Ohio -- November 2, 2021 -- On Sept. 21, the X-333 Air Quality Team received the Site Director’s Spot award for evaluating ambient air quality during disassembly of process components in the X-333 Material Sizing Area (MSA). The team was formed to conduct an independent review and to consider whether existing controls should be enhanced.

X-333 Air Quality Team members recently received the Site Director’s Spot award for their independent evaluation of air quality, related to material sizing on the X-333 Project. The team consisted of Sharon Grooms, Dusty Downour, Dave McClay, and, not pictured, Theresa Horton, Lisa Jenkins and Roger Stephenson. From left, Grooms, Elise Allison, Harry Gulley, Downour, JD Dowell and McClay.

By examining lessons learned from the X-326 and X-333 deactivation efforts, the team was able to provide informed recommendations for the start of equipment resizing at the X-330. In particular, they reviewed recommendations from the 2015 “Health Hazard Evaluation for X-326 Deactivation” led by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Notably, the team recommended that local ventilation be better utilized to capture cutting fumes and smoke at point of generation.

Each member offered a unique perspective and a variety of experience. For example, McClay, Downour, and Horton are union safety representatives (Downour and Horton were directly involved in the X-326 deactivation); Grooms and Stephenson offered several years of plant experience as safety and health professionals; and Jenkins provided a radiation protection perspective.

Site Project Director JD Dowell congratulated the team for having a questioning attitude.

“Collaboration between our workers, safety representatives and management models the way we can identify and remedy small safety issues early before they become larger events, or worse, worker injuries,” Dowell said.

“Teamwork like this is a force multiplier in making the site safe and our workers healthy each and every day across the myriad of challenges we face across all of the work on the site. Participation is how it happens whether it’s by seeing something and saying something or being on a focus team like this one…it’s ALL GOOD!”

“It just takes time to dig down and understand all of the background, planning and evolution that occurred over time between the X-326 and X-333 work. I appreciate the team’s dedication to getting into the details of this investigation,” Occupational Safety & Health Manager Elise Allison said.

Each recipient of the spot award has the option of selecting a safety award from Rural King in Waverly or from the Safety Award store available onsite.

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