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Fluor-B&W workers dig deep for local United Way/United Fund Agencies

Fundraising campaign brings in record $118,156!

PIKETON, Ohio – October 21, 2013 – Fluor-B&W Portsmouth, the company responsible for the Decontamination & Decommissioning (D&D) Project at the Department of Energy (DOE) former Gaseous Diffusion Plant raised $118,156 to help local charities through their United Way/United Fund campaign in September. This total shatters the $75,000 campaign goal set by the employee committee and far exceeds last year’s total of $84,000. Many of Fluor-B&W’s 1,600 employees participated and gave generously to the campaign as did DOE, USEC Inc. and site subcontractors.

At a check unveiling event held at the DOE Portsmouth site last Thursday, Fluor-B&W Site Project Director Dennis Carr announced the total at a lunch held for the committee and local United Way/United fund representatives from Pike, Ross, Jackson and Scioto counties.

Fluor-B&W, USEC and DOE employees join representatives of United Way and United Fund Agencies from Pike, Scioto, Ross and Jackson Counties to announce their 2013 campaign total. The Fluor Foundation helped the site exceed their $75,000 goal by matching fundraising dollars throughout the campaign.

“I am overwhelmed by the generosity of our employees and the efforts of our United Way campaign team to rally our workforce around such a great community program. We raised more than $20,000 in just one day,” Fluor-B&W Site Project Director Dennis Carr said. “That’s special. It was humbling and very fun to watch.”

Throughout September employees were asked to fill out United Way/United Fund pledge cards and join the fun by participating in grill outs, bake sales, raffles, a dinner and talent show and even a “Couch to 5K Run.” A grand finale cookout was held Thursday, Sept. 26 where a pie-in-the-face fundraiser raised a majority of the $20,000 referenced by Carr.

“Employees used their wallets to vote for the five top Fluor-B&W and DOE senior managers they wanted to see get hit with a custard pie,” Fluor-B&W Campaign Chair Deneen Revel said. “ An auctioneer also took bids for the right to throw a pie. The results generated good photos, fun and a lot of money.”

“The outstanding response to this year’s United Way Campaign is truly a measure of the caring power of Fluor-B&W employees,” Mary Elsass, executive director, United Way of Ross County said. “We sincerely appreciate their generosity and pledge to honor their support though our mission of improving lives and strengthening our community,”

Casual Friday? No. Fluor-B&W Manager Fred Hughes raised money within his department by threatening to wear a tutu. Here Hughes poses with Sarah Martin at the United Way/United Fund PORTS Grand Finale Cookout on September 26.

In addition to generous support by Fluor-B&W employees the Fluor Foundation based in Fluor Corp. headquarters in Irving, Texas is providing matching dollars toward the campaign. “Our employees met the goal, but receiving a match on our fundraising dollars really amplifies our total,” said Carr. “Those extra dollars can really make a difference where we live. We’re fortunate to have generous employees and caring service agencies that put financial and social assistance where it’s needed most.”

In addition to providing financial support to United Way agencies in the four-county area Fluor-B&W employees also give their time by participating in numerous boards and councils that have a direct impact on the quality of life in southern Ohio.

DOE Deputy Project Director Joel Bradburne prepares to take a pie from Fluor-B&W Director Dennis Carr.

Bradburne and Carr laugh about the results. A few minutes after this photo was taken Carr received his pie!


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