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FBP Employees Awarded Prestigious Medal of Safety

PIKE COUNTY, Ohio -- August 31, 2021 -- On August 18, 2021, Fluor awarded the prestigious Medal of Safety (Silver Medallion) to Portsmouth employees Bryan Cornett, Cecil McCoy and Jimmy Nichols for taking life-saving actions that potentially saved the life of their supervisor Marsha McRoberts.

From left, McCoy, JD Dowell, Marsha McRoberts, Brian Clayman, Nichols, Chris Lewis, Cornett and Harry Gulley.

Earlier this year, Cornett, McCoy and Nichols noticed something was “off” with McRoberts and immediately insisted she go to the emergency room.

“The emergency room doctor told me he didn’t know how I was still functioning and not in a coma,” McRoberts said.

A couple of months earlier, she had accidentally hit her head on a kayak at home that was in storage. Unbeknownst to McRoberts, the injury caused her brain to bleed for about six weeks. Cornett was quick to detect the change.

“We spend more time with each other than we often see our families, so you know each other and you know when something isn’t right,” Cornett said.

McRoberts is doing better after surgery and months of occupational and speech therapy. She is grateful to those who stepped forward to help in a situation that could have had a not-so-happy ending.

“Cecil, Bryan and Jim saved a life through their attentive instinct and swift actions,” said JD Dowell, Site Project Director. “They are truly heroes whose actions were clearly above and beyond any expectations of their roles and helped preserve a life because they were not afraid to speak up.”

Fluor’s Silver Medallion is a distinguished award given to employees who act in a lifesaving manner and assist others in distress, either on or off the job. The award was established in 1992, and recipients embody Fluor’s most vital commitment of protecting each other. Cornett, McCoy and Nichols are now among seven employees at the Portsmouth site to receive the award in the company’s history.

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