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Fluor-BWXT Workers Surpass 3 Million Safe Work Hours

PIKETON, Ohio -- Wednesday, April 25, 2018 -- Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth (FBP) employees completed 3 million work hours April 16 without a lost-time injury at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Portsmouth Site.

FBP’s workforce includes more than 1,400 employees and about 500 sub-contracted workers from other companies carrying out cleanup work at the former uranium enrichment facilities. The company is contracted by the DOE to oversee the decontamination and decommissioning of Cold War-era facilities and prepare the site for future development.

Fluor-BWXT team member Gary Johnson (right) cuts a pipe with assistance from Dave Wells, working in the X-705 Building at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Piketon. FBP workers have surpassed 3 million safe work hours without a lost-time injury.

These work hours are calculated as the number of hours of work performed without a lost-time injury.

"A lost-time injury is an injury that results in an employee being unable to report to work the next day," Bob French, director of FBP Environmental Safety, Health and Quality, said. “We are proud our Fluor-BWXT policies, procedures and initiatives are successfully ensuring everyone’s safety every day. Our FBP team has also surpassed 1 million safe work hours since our last recordable injury.”

Every employee is a member of a Safety Work Group (SWG) in his or her work area or organization, meeting regularly to discuss safety concerns, job hazards, upcoming work and preparing appropriately to reduce risks.

The SWGs, in turn, are led by Safety advocates who meet and discuss their groups' issues and broader organization concerns, share best practices and help with educating each other about effective safety approaches. The SWG initiative has resulted in increased employee ownership in safety and hundreds of safety suggestions have been generated and corrected since the SWG system was initiated more than five years ago.

“I would like to congratulate everyone on site for reaching this significant milestone,” FBP Site Project Director Bob Smith said. “Three million hours without a lost-time injury is certainly a mark of outstanding safe performance.”

Smith said employees will continue to stay focused, practice active caring by encouraging safe behavior and most importantly, stay involved in improving work activities.

“Safety is all about personal ownership and folks returning home safely after each work day,” Smith said.

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Fluor Corporation (NYSE: FLR) and BWX Technologies, Inc. (BWXT) (NYSE: BWXT), two world-class companies with significant Ohio experience, formed FBP  to address the decontamination and decommissioning (D&D) needs at DOE’s Portsmouth Site in Pike County, Ohio. CH2M, another global leader in industrial and environmental projects, provides support. Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth employs 1,900 workers who bring unparalleled experience, insights, and lessons learned from across the DOE complex. The FBP mandate is to clean up the Portsmouth Site safely and compliantly, provide strong uranium stewardship and partner with local communities to achieve a sustainable economic future. For more information, visit www.fbportsmouth.com.