Greg Wilkett, Fluor-BWXT President and CEO
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FBP celebrates Women’s History Month by highlighting some of the many incredible women who help move our project forward every day with their leadership and expertise.

Madenia Stafford is the Human Resources Director for FBP and has been on site for the past nine years. In her spare time Madenia volunteers with the South Central Ohio Human Resource Council and Pickaway Area Recovery Services. She also enjoys singing in the choir and leading Wednesday night Bible study at her church.

She also enjoys spending time with her husband and family outdoors.

“In the early stages of COVID we purchased some wooded property in Vinton County, we have a small one room cabin, no electric or water, a walking trail, we target shoot, and even have our own axe-throwing target. My family is still shocked that is what I do for fun. I was never much of an outdoor girl growing up, but I can totally de-stress there and feel at peace. It is amazing how much you can talk to God when you get away from all the other noise and distractions.”


What do you enjoy about working at PORTS?

“I have enjoy working at PORTS and I love the field of Human Resources. While it can have its stressful moments, the challenges and learning moments outweigh the stressful times for the most part. I love the HR team. We have such a diverse mix of personalities, yet all are dedicated to doing the right things that best support employees, management and company goals and initiatives.”

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About Us

Fluor-BWXT was formed to specifically address the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Gaseous Diffusion Plant (GDP) Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D) Project.

The team brings strong Ohio roots through 70 years of combined project management experience, and 125 years of manufacturing operations both in and outside of the nuclear field.

Combined, our companies have employed thousands of Ohioans across the state and have generated millions of dollars in revenues for Ohio companies and small businesses.